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2013 Nissan Altima Transmission Problems & Complaints

Ask most motorists and drivers what sort of automatic transmission fluid their automobiles’ transmission takes and you will be met with a blank stare. It is the torque converter which pressurizes the transmission fluid and gives hydraulic power to shift gears. Unfortunately with automatic transmissions, all you can do is check the transmission fluid colour… Read More »

Prime ten Indicators Of Transmission Problems

If you’ve seasoned automatic transmission failure in a car, you know that transmission problems can be a big deal. Scanners do a fantastic job of checking codes and identifying easy electrical transmission problems, nonetheless, they are inadequate in solving complex electronic troubles, which can take much longer to diagnose. You would be surprised to know… Read More »

What Are Early Indicators Of Transmission Problems? Symptoms Of A Slipping Transmission

An essential part of transmission diagnosis is to make certain the engine operates correctly. In a complete overhaul (also known as rebuilding a transmission), the transmission is removed from the vehicle and completely disassembled with the components laid out on a workbench. This is yet another explanation to stick to your maintenance schedule, since you… Read More »