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The five Very best Bang For Your Buck Mods

In this report we’re going to take a appear at what crucial track day modifications are required to make a car not only comprehensive a lap of a race track, but comprehensive it reliably, more than and over again. With 300 horses beneath the bonnet and a turbo engine it is the ideal vehicle for a enjoyable… Read More »

Car Modifications

Minor modifications involve the installation of an accessory such as a long range aerial, tow bars, roof racks, bull bars, driving lights etc. So going back to this equation stated above, we know that if a auto is energy limited in its best speed run (exactly where we have much more gears to use for acceleration or where… Read More »

Prime 5 Cars To Modify

All hot auto enthusiasts like to hear the burbling sound of a throaty stainless steel exhaust that has been fitted onto a prime motor. DIY Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Kit – 25 mph, 30 mile range ❣Too bad it really is so huge – it really is about what you need for getting about town!… Read More »

Simple Drift Modifications & Drift Day Preparations

The Nissan 300ZX Twin-Turbo has one of the most effective engines designed for the greatest VG30DETT has massive amounts of potential. The National Code of Practice for Light Automobile Construction and Modification (the NCOP) is the 1st step towards delivering constant technical specifications for light car modifications around Australia. If you rock a massive-turbo car… Read More »