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2013 Nissan Altima Transmission Problems & Complaints

Ask most motorists and drivers what sort of automatic transmission fluid their automobiles’ transmission takes and you will be met with a blank stare. It is the torque converter which pressurizes the transmission fluid and gives hydraulic power to shift gears. Unfortunately with automatic transmissions, all you can do is check the transmission fluid colour… Read More »

Does Your Automatic Transmission Genuinely Need Replacing?

Automatic transmission diagnostic difficulties surface in a lot of diverse forms, including dashboard indicator lights, slipping or harsh shifts, poor overall performance, and strange noises. Chrysler delayed the Cherokee’s launch last fall by several weeks to make final-minute fixes to the new transmission and then released two technical service bulletins in November and December, which… Read More »

Transmission Slipping

Electronic scanning technologies, we can pinpoint the difficulty and repair your automatic transmission as very good as new. The results saw Ford plummet to 23rd place from 2010’s fifth-spot finish, partly simply because of reported PowerShift glitches. A scanner will price you about the very same as a diagnostic at a repair shop would, except… Read More »