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Open-loop, other), fuel trim, ignition timing advance, intake air temperature, manifold air stress, air flow rate, engine speed, throttle position sensor output worth, secondary air status (upstream, downstream or atmosphere), calculated load value, car speed and fuel pressure. Test strips that tell the condition of coolant along with the level of nitrite are accessible at… Read More »


This guide explains ‘What is engine coolant / antifreeze, what it does, why you should use it, what kind of antifreeze / coolant to use and where to put it’. A completely formulated, heavy duty, ethylene glycol coolant concentrate made to meet the requirements of key European diesel engines. In impact, the evaporative version is… Read More »

How To Add Engine Coolant

And if there is a leak, it is considerably far better discovered early and at house, rather than in the outdoors lane of a motorway when the engine overheats. The device will inform you the minimum and maximum temperatures the antifreeze or coolant will perform. When the engine coolant cools and contracts (as situations modify… Read More »

Vehicle Coolant

For some autos, you’re advised to alter the coolant every single 30,000 miles. I as a result chose to conduct testing to figure out if pure antifreeze or antifreeze mixed with water in a 50% remedy (coolant) would ignite or burn. Nevertheless, given that the majority of the International engine coolant industry makes use of… Read More »

How A Cooling System Performs

Engine coolant (also known as anti-freeze) is specially formulated to guarantee your engine does not freeze or overheat. That is why our ELC meets or exceeds ASTM D4985 requirements for heavy duty, low silicate anti-freeze/coolants and ASTM D3306 for automotive applications, TMC RP-329 for extended service, ASTM D-6210 for fully formulated coolants and SAE J1034… Read More »